A Pregnancy Retrospective

Pregnancy is always an interesting time to work at home. The impact on my willingness to work some days has been tremendous – in both directions. The really interesting part has been how low energy overall has not always meant that I’d be reluctant to work on my sites.

Late in the pregnancy I think it actually increased motivation. There’s nothing like realizing you will need time off after having a baby to realize you need to get a lot of things done in advance.

Early in my pregnancy, I had my husband’s job loss to motivate me. Suddenly becoming the only one working while my husband was on unemployment was quite the nudge. And we coped. Somehow, things just worked out. Not by much, and we’re still dealing with the financial impact, but we coped.

Mid pregnancy, he was working again. Not the best of jobs, but in this economy, enough to be grateful for. I still don’t understand how it was my website income slipped just one week before he started the job, but that was how it happened. Things perked up  when we most needed it, then vanished after.

For a time, so did my drive to work extra hard. My husband was working again, and I was tired from the extra hours I’d had to put in while he was unemployed. If my income had dropped at the same time as my productivity, I’d think I had something there, but income dropped first. Online work is full of odd changes at times.

It was in January that it hit me that I could start writing for both January and February, and take a month off, more or less, after the birth. I’ve worked hard towards that goal, and settled on focusing on just two of my blogs.

The decision to cut back was, I think, a smart one. I’ve managed to put a lot of good effort into growing both, doing things that I hadn’t been before. Sometimes cutting back on business is one of the best moves you can make.

It’s a fresh perspective on the ones I’m working on. It’s a vacation from sites I wasn’t enjoying quite so much. It’s a chance to build their traffic and quality, specifically.

Of course, all this comes with challenges. This pregnancy has gone generally smoother than my last one. But my son has become exceptionally clingy. I can’t say that I blame him. With everything we went through with him – C-section and then craniosynostosis surgery at 3 months old – there’s a lot of bonding there. Having me distracted by another pregnancy and working hard on my business has not been an easy thing for him.

Having a daughter in first grade, rather than just at home with me has also been interesting. The plus has been having to walk to school to get her, ensuring that I exercise regularly. The tough part has been dealing with her feelings on everything that’s been happening. She’s happy but worried about what will happen, of course. Hard on me, hard on her teacher.

The big thing I’ve been taking from this has been just how much I can get done if I really put my mind to it, both personally and professionally. If I can get more things done while dealing with two kids and all the little issues of pregnancy, I can do it even after the baby comes.

After some rest. Recovering physically matters too.

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