There are times that it’s worthwhile to look back at your home business and think about how you could have done things differently. You can do the same for the rest of your life, but when you look back at how you started and ran your business you may be able to see things you should have done differently.

Some of them may be things you can change now.

The big thing I can’t change would have been to have started sooner. Yes, I would have loved to have known earlier on that this internet thing had such great potential as a source of income. I suspect that goes for many of us.

That said, if you’re considering getting started, get moving! Quit wondering if you can make it work and make the effort. That’s the only way you’ll ever know for sure.

Finding Ways to Work Harder on My Business Sooner

I really wish I had found more ways to work harder and more effectively (especially more effectively) on my business sooner. Frankly, I still need ways to work harder, doubly so now that I have to deal with homeschooling my daughter while working on my business.

This has to be done right. I use tools to automate things that are reasonable to automate. This has to be done right, as a lot of automation can mess you up, making you look like a spammer. You don’t want to be a spammer. It’s not the best business model.

Market Samurai is a fairly recent purchase for me that is already a big help. I’ve done some general keyword research for several of my sites, plus microniche research for smaller site ideas. It’s amazing what comes out of it, and they have a free trial. I’m glad I finally bought it after considering the matter rather longer than I should have.

Do More Blog Commenting

I do this one in spurts, but I wish I’d done it sooner and wish I would make time for it more regularly. It’s not great traffic, but it brings in some.

Don’t automate your blog commenting. You may be able to use software to find blogs to comment on, but make your comments appropriate, relevant and unique.

Don’t go nuts on keyword use, especially in the “Name” field. Lots of bloggers just delete keyword names, even if the comment is halfway decent.

Guest Post

Don’t save all your best stuff for your own blog. Spread some of it around to attract more visits to your blog.

Done right, this brings in more traffic than commenting. Pick a blog in a niche similar to yours that accepts guest posts and has better traffic, and offer to write a post for them. Not a rehashed post, but something to get attention to your site.

Don’t offer the same guest post to multiple sites. Most bloggers want guest posts to be unique content.

Don’t Be Afraid to Sell When It’s Appropriate

There will always be people who want you to give everything away on your site. I’ve had people email me after I’ve made an offer in my newsletter (which I don’t do often enough, I will admit), reaming me for daring to try to sell them something. They want me to not be one of those newsletters that’s nothing but ads. I’m not, but sometimes a single ad makes people think that.

Know what? Even when I send an offer, there’s more than just the ad. I have to make a living, and those who want me to give nothing but free information aren’t as good for me as those who might consider buying something.

Not that I really care which one you are. Just don’t chew me out for making an honest recommendation. I don’t stress over who’s making a purchase through one of my links and who’s just enjoying the info. The stuff I’m willing to give free is available free. If you buy something you like based on a recommendation of mine and we both get a benefit, that works out great too.

I’m bolder about making some of my newer sites more about sales. If that’s the focus from the start, it’s usually not such a problem.

Be Willing to Do Things Differently

Don’t keep doing things the same way just because that’s the comfortable way for you to work. We all do that to some degree, but when you recognize a problem, rethink what you’re doing!