Oh wait, it’s that the media can only see one side of it when they write articles about mom bloggers.

Amy Bellgardt of Mom Spark pointed this one out, and from what I’ve seen it certainly appears to be true. She was interviewed for an article that was supposed to be about the backlash on Twitter over an event at Nestle. That’s not how the article turned out, though. It focused far more on the swag, hotel rooms and meals the moms got at the event.

That seems to be pretty routine for traditional treatment of moms who blog. We’re the focus when they talk about the new FTC rules about disclosure. Never mind that when it comes down to it all blogs will have to consider the FTC rules when accepting any form of compensation for posting.

Apparently mom blogs are an easy target.

It’s hard to know just why this is. I think there’s an image of the bored stay at home mom posting excessively personal stuff about her family and selling out for whatever stuff comes their way. It’s not a particularly accurate image in my experience, but the image sticks.

Blogging is easy to start, it’s true, but success takes rather more. Selling out and being dishonest doesn’t get you all that far. That a successful business can be built from home so easily (relative to a brick and mortar business) should be a source of inspiration.