Are You an Indulgent Parent?

It’s so much fun making your children happy. They’re so expressive of their affection toward you when you do something that just delights them.

Unfortunately it is all too easy to become an indulgent parent and give in too much.

You can indulge your children all kinds of ways. This is particularly easy for at home parents to do; just think of those times when you really want to get something done so you let the kids do something they shouldn’t so that you have the time to get your stuff done.

You know, like watch too much television.

Children who are overindulged don’t learn so much how to behave well. They get too used to getting their own way.

Today’s kids are, of course, very easy to indulge. Just look at how many toys they have, how many children’s shows there are on television, as well as the number of sites geared toward them.

This can be bad enough when you have a preschooler. As your children get older it means more and more trouble.

More expensive gadgets they want. More privileges they want so that they can be just like their friends that you really don’t want them copying.

The younger your kids are when you learn to tell them no, the easier it will be. You don’t have to say no all the time but you do need to be able to say no and have it stick. Giving in all the time to the begging just shows that begging works.

Being overindulgent can cause other problems too. A child who watches too much television or spends all day on the computer is more likely to be overweight, especially if this is combined with too much junk food.

All these need to be limited not only for health reasons but because your child will generally be happier and more inquisitive with less zombie time in front of the television.

Just try it for a week and see. When I cut down my daughter’s television time, within a short time she is more creative and wants to play outside more. She gets sick or I get busy and let her watch too much and she does far less throughout the day.

It’s not easy stopping yourself from being an indulgent parent. After all, it requires an effort, while indulging is easy. But the long term benefits are far, far better.

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