Stay at Home Mom Pride

Sometimes it’s hard to be proud of being a stay at home mom. When you think about all the stereotypes – lazy, spoiled and so forth – it can get frustrating. It often feels like few people appreciate the work of a stay at home mom.

But when you think about it, stay at home moms have plenty to be proud of.

Many stay at home moms do an absolutely amazing job caring for their home and family on a ridiculously tight budget. Despite what many people think, few stay at home moms are spoiled wives with husbands rich enough to support the family easily. Living on one income for most families is tough, a major sacrifice. And the stay at home mom typically does much of the work of keeping the family’s budget on track.

Many stay at home moms do more than “just” stay at home. They may have a work at home job or home business too. Those who haven’t tried it probably don’t know the kind of dedication this takes. Add work time to a job that has already been calculated to be the equivalent of two full time jobs.

Call that lazy?

A part of the problem is that many stay at home moms don’t demand respect for what they do. They don’t feel as accomplished as those around them who hold jobs outside the home.

It’s really tough to feel accomplished when so many accomplishments today are measured in dollars. The dollar value of being a stay at home mom is not so obvious, but the fact that you are losing money being at home is quite obvious.

As a stay at home mom you come to realize how much there is to being with your children all day. You’re contributing tremendously to the people they will grow up to be. You get to determine how your children will be raised. You’ll have the time to share more experiences with them, and get not only the quality time that was so hyped in the past, but quantity time.

Few experiences compare.

Don’t be shy or embarrassed talking about what you do. Doing that just tells yourself, those around you and your children that a stay at home mom is not to be valued the same as other people. You know that isn’t true. Be confident in what you do. It will show and people will have more respect for what you do.


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