Are You Asking for Enough?

As a work at home parent, one of the things I find most challenging is deciding what my time is worth. I don’t do freelance work often, but when I do it is very easy for me to ask for too little. It’s a part of why I don’t like to work for others.

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There’s a very popular article on the Wall Street Journal site about stay at home moms who used to be executives being available for temp work. Only trouble is, they too value their work too little. I mean sometimes a tenth or less of what they earned as full time executives.

I love that so many opportunities are opening up to stay at home moms to maintain their careers, but I wish more would demand what they are worth.

There was a news story in my area a couple months back about companies that specialize in finding temp work for at home moms. I didn’t catch the name then, but there are a couple of options out there. MomCorps is the one I’ve been hearing about since then.

It’s a common problem for many women. They don’t value their skills enough, especially if they’re working from home for just a little extra income or to keep up with their industry. Yet the value provided is typically equal to what someone more traditionally employed might offer.

What Should You Do?

It’s hard to not undervalue yourself, especially if you start from the point of “I’m just a stay at home mom”.

Odds are you’re more than that.

Employers may have the expectation right now that at home moms will accept less, and so it may take time to change that, but don’t go for bottom of the barrel pay. If your work was worth more before you started staying at home, it’s probably worth more now.

Keep in mind that many people get better clients when they ask for better pay. The perceived value of what you’re offering is higher. If you don’t ask for what you’re worth, many potential clients will wonder why.

If you think you haven’t been asking for enough, challenge yourself. Start asking for more. You may get some pleasant surprises.

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  1. Vered says:

    Interesting. And, by the way, I’ve read the same about bloggers who have a subscriber base of several hundred readers, which is good exposure for local advertisers, yet the prices they charge from those advertisers are very low.