Are You Focused on the Things That Will Grow Your Home Business?

Most home businesses don’t grow themselves. You have to do a lot of work to make it happen. It’s generally difficult and not always as much fun as you would like it to be. It’s easy to get bogged down in the day to day stuff that doesn’t really do a lot to grow your business, but you feel needs to get done.

What if you rethink your priorities? What if you find a way to handle the parts that don’t really grow your business in less time so that you can focus more on what your business needs in order to grow?

Analyze What Works

You can’t focus on what works best for your home business if you don’t know what it is. You can take your best guess, but if you’re wrong you’ll still be stuck spinning your wheels.

First you need to consider which criteria are most important to you. Traffic to your website could be one, as could return on investment. So could the amount of time the work takes for the income generated, which is important for free methods.

Many activities are important, but won’t directly generate income. Researching niches to find ones that are likely to be profitable is important, but it’s not going to bring money in by itself. It’s the action you take with that vital information that brings in the money, yet without that research you’ll have trouble figuring out what’s going to be worth your time.

Most often, you’ll need to focus on marketing and other activities that bring people to your business. If it’s a website, you’ll need to keep it updated with current information.

The catch here is to not focus excessively on things that can be handled quickly. Don’t get sucked into your email inbox too many times a day. Don’t log on to Facebook, for example, to take care of your business’s page, and then goof off for a half hour reading personal things. Save that for a more appropriate time.

These things can be profitable, but they can also eat away at your day. Prevent that as best you can.

What About the Other Stuff?

You can’t completely ignore the other aspects of running a home business, even when they don’t bring in money for you. You have to handle your taxes and business related paperwork. You have to handle whatever customer service is necessary to your business model.

Some things you can limit how often and how long you work on them. If you enjoy participating on forums that allow you to have a link in your signature to your website, don’t let it eat too more into your day than it’s worth. Same for email. Same for all sorts of social media marketing.

If outsourcing is in the budget, it can be worth the expense, as it gives you more time to work on the profitable parts of your business. Don’t consider it impossible. Reinvest some of your earnings in your business. Get the help you need so that you can work on the things that matter to you.

Don’t Think of Your Business as Just a Home Business

Sure, your business is at home. That doesn’t mean the world needs to know about it, unless that’s your niche.

Getting out of the “just a home business” mindset can be a big help in growing your business. You still need to present a professional appearance, and trumpeting your home based status doesn’t say professional to many. Just be a business. Particularly when you’re online, few really care if you’re a one person operation at home or a larger business. It’s the value that you provide that makes the difference.

Find what gets you into the mindset of being a professional, no matter where you work. It might be dressing the part. It might be setting office hours (which are a pretty good idea in any case). It might be as simple as saying to yourself “time to work.”

If you feel professional, you’re more likely to act professional. That can be a help in growing your business too.

There’s no magic key to growing your business, no one thing that will work 100% of the time. Work on the things that are more effective to you and pay attention to the results you get for the best chances at making it all work.

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