Why is it So Hard to Become a Stay at Home Mom?

Once it was expected that a woman be a stay at home mom. The man would earn the money, she’d stay home and raise the kids.

For most of us, it’s just not like that anymore.

There are many reasons for this. One is quite simply that few women grow up anymore with being a mom her only option. There are many more possibilities out there for women now, and many choose to take advantage of them.

However, even for the women who dream of being a stay at home mom it isn’t always possible.

Financial reasons are often the big one. Rents and mortgages take up a larger percentage of a family’s income than they used to. This means that many families need two incomes just to get by.

The need for preschool has greatly increased in recent years. These days preschool is more like what kindergarten used to be, making it all but a necessity in the eyes of many parents. If the neighborhood public school doesn’t offer preschool, a good preschool program can cost more than $5000/year.

Health insurance costs have been going up, and many of the costs have been passed on to employees.

Add to this the expectation many people have these days that both parents should work. Many people look down on stay at home moms (it’s even worse for stay at home dads, though!), and such social pressures can make the decision to stay at home more difficult. Ironically, the other reaction to finding out that someone is or is going to be a stay at home mom is envy.

All this makes deciding to be a stay at home mom very difficult. It means sacrifice. It means taking the good with the bad, and not letting the naysayers get to you.

If you’re wanting to be a stay at home mom, you have to figure out how you’re going to make the sacrifices. Work out the budget. Check out the public schools for preschool programs if that’s going to be a concern. My local schools have a parent participation program, which means it’s hard for anyone other than a stay at home parent to put their child in that program.

Consider whether or not a work at home job or home business might be a possibility. Start this research as soon as possible, even if you’re going to be working outside the home for a few months yet. The sooner you get started the less urgent you’re going to feel about it and the more common sense you can use. There are lots of scams out there, and if you do your hunt calmly you’ll think more clearly.

Being a stay at home mom is one of many options today’s women have. It’s not a requirement but many mothers find it to be an irreplaceable delight.

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