Wow. What a fun and exhausting weekend!

Getting through the day was tough on it’s own on Saturday. A really bad hotel bed at the Sahara the first night really worked horrors on my back and hips. By the time we got in on Friday night, all they had was rooms with two full size beds.

Thank goodness the second night they moved us to a room with one king size bed. The mattress was much, much better!

I had lots of fun, met some people I knew from online, such as Lynn Terry and Wendy Piersall, as well as some new people. Pretty fun.

The sessions were generally very interesting. I went to a fair number, as it was a great reason to just sit down, which I really needed. Sometimes sitting, waiting for a session to start was a great time to start a conversation with someone new.

I’ll be posting more about what I learned, mostly on my Aspects of Home Business blog. I have to go through my notes, figure out how to break things up, things like that.

Oh, and rest up. Amazing how a nap broken into the 15 minute increments my son was willing to allow this morning really does nothing. But he was just clingy from missing me.