Rescheduling Life Around Pregnancy

I think one of the hardest things for me with this pregnancy has been rescheduling my work times to cope with the fact that sometimes I just get more tired.

At that I’m lucky. If I worked outside the home I’d just have to cope or call in sick. I do love my flexibility in work times!

This past weekend’s trip was one of those occasions where I had to think about what I wanted to do not only by, well, what I wanted to do, but also what I was really up for doing. Combine attending BlogWorld Expo with being 5 months pregnant and dealing with severe hip pain, and you really do start to think of excuses to just sit down.

Which makes it really hard to network until you get to a table full of people you can talk to. But it’s really good for attending sessions.

I was just glad to only be 5 months along. Another month or two, and I very much doubt I would have risked it. I came too close to losing my son late in my previous pregnancy to take chances.

Of course everyone has their own priorities. You just have to look at the controversy surrounding what Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin did. I’m not using that as a criteria for whether or not I think she’s qualified, but she certainly opened up a big debate on what mothers should be doing so late in a pregnancy. I wouldn’t have. She did. It turned out all right for her.

And that’s enough politics for now. I just found the discussion on motherhood that opened up interesting.

As with so many things in life, it comes down to your own tolerance levels. Those of us who chose to stay at home to raise our children have different priorities than the ones who choose to work outside the home. And different from those who work outside the home out of sheer necessity.

What I don’t do and I don’t recommend doing, is letting pregnancy take complete control of your life… unless you’re on bedrest or something. There are times to push your limits and times to take it easy.

As for me, I’m trying hard to get a lot of things done. I have serious goals to consider, such as building my income to be prepared in case this miserable economy does in my husband’s nice, new job. It might.

But I’ve been taking advantage and sleeping in as much as my son will allow. Changing how much and at what time of day I read other blogs so that I can get work of my own done. And trying to get my husband to understand that walking a lot build up hip pain much faster than it builds up endurance, which he thinks I should be trying. I don’t think he understands that it’s not a muscle issue.

I know these next few months will bring more changes to how I work, and after baby girl comes around, it will change more yet. Little rascal will no doubt make life interesting in yet another new way.

They always do.

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2 Responses

  1. I hate to be completely nosy (okay, so I don’t LOL) but if it’s not muscular, what is it? Is this a chronic problem for you?

    The reason I ask is because I have a lot of problems with hip pain, and years ago was able to finally figure out why – the problem is actually my LEFT hip being out, which pulls the right hip out of place (too far in) causing pain in the right hip. Adjustments from a physical therapist helped with the issue for a while, but he told me then that it’s a very common issue for women, especially if you are slender in build, and that even stepping off a curb wrong/too hard can trigger a “relapse”, so to speak. With my daughter my ligaments actually loosened up so that it was the best I’d ever been, but with my son the first two trimesters were a bear…luckily the third trimester things loosened back up.

    Just a thought – a good PT should be able to do a safe adjustment (it’s all legs and hips, nothing with your abdomen or back) that might help you a little if you’re dealing with the same issue I have. 🙂

    Good luck!!!

  2. Stephanie says:

    It sounds very similar. It started after I had my daughter, kept going until around the start of the 3rd trimester with my son, then pretty much vanished.

    Started right back up in the first trimester with this baby and keeps getting worse. I did have a break from it for about two weeks when one night I got up when my son was crying, and I felt and heard my hips pop. It felt so good!

    But it all came back. Everything I’ve been able to find online suggests a hip issue, but my OB can’t come up with anything. She just says she’s never had a patient with this problem before. They’re soooo useful at times. I’m hoping to change OBs with the new insurance from hubby’s new job, and that may get me a more sympathetic ear too.