30 Days of Keeping Kids Busy During the Summer

My kids love to do all sorts of crafts. We keep a good range of supplies, from specific projects the kids have picked out to generic supplies they kids get really creative with.

The hardest part is keeping the craft supplies from being a total mess all around the house. An over the door shoe organizer can be really handy for keeping crafts organized, especially if you have a somewhat discreet yet handy place for it. Ours is near the front door. It may seem as though that’s too visible, but with the layout of our house, it really isn’t. It hangs on hooks in the wall rather than the over the door hooks. It’s right where the kids play with toys and do the less messy crafts.

Make sure you have a drop cloth or some other way to keep the kids from destroying your flooring if they’re working with clay, paints or anything else that might be bad for your floor. You can even have them set up outside some days.

Crafts - Day 7 of 30 Days of Keeping Kids Busy During the Summer