Customer service is another very popular work at home option. The skills and equipment needed aren’t too hard to come by. Perhaps the most challenging issue for many people in this industry is coming up with a quiet enough work space to even consider getting started.

Qualifications/Training Needed?

As with any other computer based job, you need to type fairly quickly and accurately. You’ll need to get comfortable with whatever programs the company you’re working for uses for sales and customer service issues.

Job Duties

Your time will be spent taking calls for whichever company you work for. Sometimes you will work for a particular company all of the time, but other times your employer may contract with multiple companies, and you will qualify to work particular phone lines.

You may be handling sales calls for a shopping channel, customer complaints and generally helping callers out. Upselling is often a required part of the job, even if you’re dealing with customer complaints.

Equipment Needed

The most challenging thing for many people to find is a quiet enough room to work. No background noise is allowed, and calls are often monitored. You risk job loss if you do not have a sufficiently quiet place to work.

In addition, you will probably need to provide your own headset. A noise canceling headset is best for this kind of work, to keep the background noise out. You will typically also need a high speed internet connection and a phone line clear of all extras. No call waiting and so forth allowed on your work line.

Where to Search for Jobs

Customer Service job listings at Home with the Kids
Craigslist (beware of many, many scams!)
Hire My Mom
Home Job Stop

Related Scams

The main scam you’re likely to encounter when searching for a work at home customer service position is the classic “pay to show that you are interested” kind of scam. Never pay to apply for a job. You may once in a long while have to pay for a background check, but that is quite unusual.

Another scam is the fake job board. A few work at home job boards are legitimate, but most have poor quality leads at best. Be very careful and get opinions before paying to join a job board. Those few out there that are worth paying for will quickly pay for themselves.