Deciding What to Say For FTC Disclosures

I have to admit, these new FTC guidelines for disclosure turned out to be a bit more of a headache for me than I planned for. Not because it’s so hard to decide what to say, but because my family was dealing with a stomach bug all weekend, the time that I had set aside to work on it.

Good thing I somehow stayed mostly healthy. But it still made getting work done rather more challenging than I had planned.

For now I’m keeping it simple. I fully expect things to get clearer as time goes on. For now I have it as:

If you purchase anything reviewed or recommended on this site, I probably earn a commission. Not always, but often enough you may as well assume I do.

When looking at home business opportunities, keep in mind that most businesses fail. That’s as true online as it is anywhere else. But if you don’t try you won’t succeed.

I have no idea if that’s enough. But it’s a start and true enough. No matter how well some people do with any one business model, your average person won’t. Matter of fact, even if you buy the ebook that tells exactly how someone made a ton of money you can’t say you’ll do the same. You can’t even say for sure that you’ll ever get around to reading it. An awful lot of people don’t even take that much action even when they say they want to earn money from home.

And of course I always want to earn a commission if I can on a product. I’d be crazy not to. The money’s right there. Or is it over there? Either way, it’s a bit of compensation for the work I do here. But when the product is good enough and relevant enough, money is not the sole consideration. Quality can overrule $$$, even when we’re talking about money in my pocket.

There are of course tons of blog posts out there you can read up on this for your own needs. New FTC Guidelines over at Matt’s Marketing Blog is a fair read. My understanding is that there will be warnings and a chance to make it right before there are any fines levied, but it’s always better to avoid the hassle in the first place.

The basic thing you need to remember is to keep it honest. You may or may not get caught, but with new rules in place you might just be hurting yourself if you ignore them.

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