I must say, in some ways this one doesn’t surprise me – a paid blogging company that turned out to be a scam. The scam artists are always willing to take up the latest way to legitimately earn money and turn it to their advantage, after all.

It appears that a company called Bloggerwave is one such scam. They paid the owner of Top 10 Tech with a fraudulent PayPal account.

Many people who had watched Bloggerwave from the start weren’t too surprised. Bloggerwave had essentially copied PayPerPost’s text for their home page. Obviously that would be a very bad sign.

This kind of scam has two dangers for the unaware. The first is the obvious loss of income for the blog post you wrote. However, there are more dangers to consider.

Think about the personal information you may have provided. In this particular case, Bloggerwave did not require a Social Security Number. In some ways that could be seen as a warning flag, as a legitimate company would need it for tax reasons, but at the same time not asking means that at least people don’t have to worry about these scammers having their SSN. You should only ever share your SSN if you are confident that you are dealing with a legitimate company.

Now think about the password you provided. Many people use the same passwords over and over and over. If you signed up for Bloggerwave and PayPal with the same email address, I can see a potential problem. Very easy for them to try these passwords to see what they get.

This kind of thing is a very good reminder for anyone trying to earn any kind of a living online. If a company is doing something questionable, don’t do business with them. Do everything you can to verify the legitimacy of a company before doing business with them whenever possible. It is very easy to be scammed when you are trying to earn a living at home.

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