Disaster Preparedness

One thing you hear a lot about on the news right now is bird flu. Will it change and start being transmitted from human to human? How bad could the ensuing pandemic be? What should you do to prepare.

Now, while the things they are talking about are pretty scary, the thing to remember is that we are likely to get some warning before things get bad… IF they get bad. Such a disaster has to start somewhere; it is not going to hit the entire world at the same time.

I recently decided to start my own disaster kit in my home. Not so much due to bird flu. I live in earthquake territory, which of course does not give warning. I’m not following the guidelines for preparing for a pandemic, but I am preparing for a disaster in which we might need help but not get it for a few days.

What am I including? Food and water, obviously. I still need to assemble the basic medical supplies. Flashlight, batteries, etc. We own camping supplies already.

I’m not the paranoid sort, but I do see having something set aside for such a contingency as a good idea in general. It’s just good sense. California’s website has some good tips on being ready for earthquakes.

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