Do Your Kids Get Recess at Their School?

Not all elementary schools have recess anymore. Most schools have come to realize that recess is necessary to children, but a few still don’t.

We’re lucky in my area. My daughter’s school not only has recess, but they have the kids go out and run the track once a day. I guess they’re pretty firm believers in keeping the kids active.

That’s a really nice thing to read in light of this article on WebMD. It says kids do better in school when they have time to play outside, and it also recommends that adults get involved in organizing things a little.

I find reports like this interesting. Schools have had to go through so many changes in recent years. There’s so much emphasis on academic achievement, and sometimes schools aren’t sure how to get enough time to do everything they need to do.

Then there are all the health things they’re trying to load onto the schools. They’re expected to take major steps to help with preventing childhood obesity. Some are even getting picky about the treats brought in for children’s birthdays.

All this makes me glad that my daughter’s school does seem to be coping well. They get recess, candy isn’t allowed in lunches brought from home, but there’s nothing said about birthday treats. It seems like a good balance to me, especially since there will generally be only 1-3 birthdays in a given month. That’s really not that bad in terms of getting treats.

How do the schools in your area cope? Do the kids get recess? What about restrictions on snacks or lunches?

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  1. Lynne says:

    My daughter is in 6th grade is still gets recess, although it’s just 15 minutes. She also has to bring a healthy snack to school because she doesn’t eat lunch until almost 1 in the afternoon.