Time to Think on Back to School

I’m feeling unusually organized this summer. I actually bought school supplies for my son already since kindergarten is starting in less than a month here.

It probably has to do with registering my oldest for homeschool. It got me thinking on what my son will need to go to school.

We did good. I bought his backpack and lunch bag for under $10 all together. Hopefully they’ll last more than one school year, but with kids it’s hard to tell. At least he likes them.

If selection is what you’re thinking on for your kids, this is the time to shop, before it’s all picked over. I bought my son’s stuff over at Ross, so the selection was already pretty small but they had some he liked.

I’m sure there will be a lot of back to school sales coming up, but I don’t think I could beat the price I paid by shopping already. Any my son’s happy. That’s a pretty good deal.

It still feels like the middle of summer to me, though. Hardly seems possible that school is coming up so fast.

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2 Responses

  1. The Mother says:

    My backpack policy: buy good quality. In HS, they’re carrying the kitchen sink with them. If you don’t spend good money now, you’ll be spending bad money yearly, maybe semi-yearly. We buy our backpacks at REI.

    My school supplies policy: Each kid gets a $100 gift card to Office Max, conveniently located 1/2 block from school. They get what they need, and call for a ride home. Done.

  2. Stephanie says:

    That sounds pretty good. My kids don’t carry nearly as much weight in their backpacks yet since they’re just in elementary school. I can get two years out of a backpack pretty easily so far, but my oldest definitely noticed last year that she was one of the few to have an old backpack. She was proud once I talked about waste with her, but it still stung her a little.

    I so look forward to sending them off to shop on their own!