Is Clickbank Finally Cleaning Up the Rules for Products Sold There?

There has been a lot of chatter online about changes Clickbank is about to make for vendors. These changes sound really good to me, as many will impact the business opportunity offers that make outrageous claims.

Here’s a quick rundown of the changes. If you want to see the whole thing, it’s on this thread at Warrior Forum.

1. Don’t make major pitch page changes after product approval. Changes should be sent to Account Manager for approval.

2. Internet Marketing products need to follow FTC rules, such as not giving the impression that you can earn easy money with little work or imply earnings are guaranteed.

3. False scarcity is discouraged.

4. Sales pages that include Clickbank stats must be verified by Clickbank and have been earned by the method being promoted.

5. Videos that include a Buy Now link must also display the price of the product.

6. Products must be usable on their own. They cannot require an upsell to function. Customers must be able to download the product before dealing with upsell offers.

There’s a bit more, but those are the big ones, and very welcome in my opinion. Too many Clickbank products in the internet marketing niche go way beyond what I understand to be acceptable according to the FTC.

The big question is how well they will implement and enforce these changes. They’re pretty huge, considering how many products sold there are what I would call highly questionable. While I very rarely buy products, I hate seeing how many launches don’t make it clear what it is you’ll be doing and just say you’ll earn big money with no effort. Gives the entire industry a bad name. Some people do earn big money online, but it takes time and a whole lot of effort.

It’s not clear if this will also impact previously approved products or if this is just going forward. I’d like to see a lot of current products cleaned up.

Of course, Clickbank has made changes to the rules before to comply with the FTC, but that hasn’t stopped the problem, because either the rules weren’t strict enough or they weren’t enforced properly. We’ll see how things go this time.

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