When you start your home business you probably have big dreams for it. You want to earn at least a few hundred or few thousand a month from it. You want it to last for years. But all you can seem to get is a few dollars here, a few visitors there. Nothing to celebrate. Or is it?

Even these small triumphs are worth celebrating in my opinion. You don’t go from zero to hundreds of dollars all in one step. These things take time, and the fact that you’re earning anything or getting visitors means you’re doing something right.

Your first small successes are a guide to what you need to work on to build up to your goals. What made things work out well enough that you reached that little milestone of your first dollars earned or your first hundred visitors? How can you improve on that?

When it comes to building your home business, earning anything is something to be proud of. Too many people give up long before that point. It should be your encouragement to keep things going until you reach a bigger milestone.

This is why your goals should be broken down into smaller goals. If you want to earn $5000 a month from your business, break that goal down into smaller milestones you can reach more easily. Your first $10 month. Your first $100 month. Your first $500 month, and so on.

Don’t make earnings the only milestone. Motivate yourself with goals relating to how you’ve worked on your business. Set up goals for promoting your business, whether it’s by talking to a certain number of people each day, getting a certain number of leads per day or getting a certain amount of traffic to your website each day. Set goals for link building activities of various sorts.

Having goals you can reach more easily is far more encouraging than aiming solely at your long term goal, which may feel unattainable at times. Every small goal should have a slightly bigger one just beyond it. How far apart you set these goals depends on how fast you’re growing your business. You don’t want them so close that nothing feels like a challenge, but also not so far apart that it takes too long to get anywhere.

Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not enough to have small earnings. You know it’s not enough financially speaking, but it’s something you can build on. That’s worth being happy about.