Skip the at Home Assembly Scams – Sell Your Own Crafts!

One of the classic work at home scams is the home assembly or crafting scam. Companies tell you that you can get paid to assemble their crafts. But…

You have to buy supplies from them and your work is never good enough. Even if what you made looks better than the sample they sent.

That doesn’t mean you can’t earn money from your crafting skills. It just means you may be smarter to do it on your own.

There are a number of places where you can sell your crafts online. Etsy has become very popular. Just look them over and you’ll see quite a range of products being offered. You just pay a small listing fee and then a percentage of the sale price when your item sells.

eBay is one of the classic places, but selling there has become more challenging of late. They’ve raised prices given buyers far too much power over sellers. But the audience is huge.

You can also sell at local craft fairs. Most areas have these pretty regularly, but you will want to have enough products made to make your time and money spent worth your while.

If you’re going to make a business of selling your crafts, your first move should be to check with your local Chamber of Commerce, SCORE or City Hall. You will probably need a home business license and a reseller’s license. You’ll have to learn about collecting sales tax for any local sales.

The fun part about starting a crafting business is that you get to indulge a habit you might otherwise cut back on. The hard part is letting the things you’ve made go, and keeping it profitable. It’s not just the cost of supplies, after all. It’s your time, effort and skill.

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