We’ve had a neighbor’s kitten lately just driving my kids crazy. It’s one of 10 from two litters the neighbor’s cat had (yes, she’s been spayed now). They kept this cat and a few other of the kittens, but this one seems to prefer my kids to theirs.

kitten playing

It’s been a bit interesting explaining to my kids why they can’t have their own cat. On the other hand, they’re learning a lot about how to treat a cat.

We currently have no intention of adopting a cat, no matter how many times one runs into the house. Our policy is simple: while we rent, we won’t get a cat or dog. Too hard to move such pets, and giving them away if we have to move just wouldn’t be fair.

By their treatment of the kitten, my kids are certainly ready for a pet. They treat it well for their ages. My daughter has been learning how to pick up a cat. They’re both starting to understand that you do not chase a cat to get its attention.

None of it perfect yet, but good for their ages.

Those are important factors to consider. You can’t get a pet if you aren’t prepared to commit to its care, but you also may not want to get a pet if you aren’t going to teach the kids how best to treat one. A pet is a major commitment.