Do You Know What You Want to Achieve?

Do You Know What You Want to Achieve?

One of the biggest problems many people have in working at home is information overload. They get so much information about so many opportunities they just don’t know what to do. It keeps them from taking the actions they need to take in order to succeed. But there’s a simple solution. It begins with knowing what you want to achieve.

When you know what you want to achieve, it allows you to stop looking at all the other shiny opportunities out there. You can tell yourself that they’re just distractions. This takes self control, and not everyone is good at it, but if something not directly related to what you want to achieve right now gets your attention, you can always bookmark it for later. Odds are good that later will never come for that particular shiny, but that’s not the point of bookmarking it. The point is to deal with the distraction and get it out of your path for now. If it’s useful later, it will still be there.

What Skills Will You Need?

Once you know what you want to achieve, you need to know what skills you will need to reach that goal. Assess yourself and decide what you need to learn, then seek it out. Sometimes you will have to buy the information you need (carefully!); other times you can learn it for free just as well.

Don’t feel bad about spending money when it’s necessary to your success. The problem many people run into with information products is that they buy the wrong ones. Either they aren’t relevant to what you’re trying to do or they aren’t a quality resource. Money is well spent when it makes it easier for you to earn even more money. It’s wasted if you do nothing with whatever you bought. Be picky and only buy when you’re ready to make use of your purchase right away and you’ve researched it enough that you’re confident that it’s the right choice.

Take Action

Skill is not the only thing you need in your path to success. It’s important, but it’s not the only thing. You can read up all you want, feel as though you’ve got what it takes, but until you take action it all means nothing.

Don’t take action for a week or month or two and then give up because you aren’t seeing progress. Not everything works that fast. Give any project you have decided on enough time to know whether or not it’s going to work out for you. Success for most people is slow and tedious. Only a few hit it big quickly, no matter what the sales letters promise.

Be sure you’re taking enough action. A half hour of work a day isn’t going to get you very far very quickly. Commit yourself to work as much as is reasonable for your situation. Don’t forget family and personal time, but the more you work the sooner you should see results. With small children in the house, this could mean working early mornings or nights, while with older kids this could mean working while they’re in school. Whatever your available work hours are, make the most of them.

Know When To Keep Going Or Stop

Whatever you do, keep your focus on your current project until you know whether it has failed or succeeded. Don’t drop it too soon for something else, and be careful about dragging something out that just isn’t working for you. It’s easy to get too committed to something that will never work out for you, just because you like it and you hope to make it work one day. You don’t want to let go too soon, but holding on too long and not trying something new is a problem too.

Failure is important too, after all. It teaches you what didn’t work, but also things that might work elsewhere. There is no idea, no matter how great, no matter how well targeted the audience, that will work for everyone.

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  1. Planning out what I want to do helps me achieve my goals. I get overwhelmed by the big picture. Breaking things down step by step helps me.