We were opening Christmas presents last night now that my oldest sister was in town. My dad had sent Christmas presents down earlier and they had been waiting at my younger sister’s home until we could open them.

I open my son’s present and take out the stuffed animals. He’s quite happy, then I realize a big black widow looking spider is sitting on my skirt. Best guess is it came from the package.

Just picture my reaction as I try to get it off my skirt and not onto my son. Think it did land on him, though.

Everyone starts scrambling to figure out where the spider went, and the next place we found it was on my mother’s shoe. She had picked up my son to comfort him for being so unceremoneously dumped from Mommy’s comfy lap.

No idea if it was really a black widow or not. We weren’t exactly going to flip it over to check for the hourglass while it was alive, and once it was dead, it was too squished to matter.

Even knowing that the spider probably came from the outside of the box, I had to call my dad and razz him about his “failed assassination attempt” and ask him why he’d try that on his only grandson. He loved the story.

There’s a little “Worst Christmas Present” contest over at A Mama’s Rant. While this wasn’t technically a part of the Christmas present I can’t resist submitting the story.

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