At least that’s what my husband said when I pointed out the conversion error from pounds to kilograms on the diapers his mother bought for us from Walmart. It caught my eye because the Pampers Swaddlers we got from the hospital had a completely different answer, despite the number of pounds they say the diapers are good for being the same.

If you’re having trouble reading it, the Walmart ones say 10 lb or 8 kg while the Swaddlers say 10 lb or 4.5 kg, which is the correct answer.

That said, the Walmart ones really are larger. My tiny little girl just swims in them, while the Swaddlers fit beautifully. But 8 kg is more than 17.5 pounds, and I rather doubt they go that big.

In the long run we’re looking at cloth diapering. Just now Selene is much, much too small for the bumGenius diapers we have on hand, so we’re using disposables until she grows a little more. It should save us a lot of money. Then again, how will I find silly packaging mistakes like this?