What I Learned About Maternity Fashion This Time Around

You get to feeling like an old hand at these things on a third pregnancy. Been there, done that.

Except for all the little things that are just a bit different every time.

This time around I had most everything I needed to be pregnant without buying much at all. Except maternity pants of any sort and nursing bras, each of those having aged rather badly during past pregnancies.

Maternity Pants

Does the fashion have to have them cut so low?

Most ways this didn’t bother me at first. Maternity shirts are generally long enough that the height of the pants really didn’t matter.

Until my stomach got big enough that the wide elastic started rolling down. And until winter hit, and anything not long enough as a shirt or sweater, or just too loose meant cold air along my stomach.

I now really and truly loathe low cut maternity jeans. They were less comfortable than the ones that always covered my stomach, yet really don’t look all that different. All that ugly fabric should be covered by a maternity top anyhow.

And to make things worse, they are amazingly uncomfortable after a C-section, when regular clothes still don’t fit. That low riding elastic is rough on the incision when it’s healing. I’ve had to resort to my husband’s sweat pants and my Ren Faire elastic waisted skirt to be even slightly comfortable.

Nursing and Maternity Bras

These things are just miserable to shop for. Generally unattractive, and just to be different from maternity tops, they’re often designed to cover rather a lot. Why is this when so many maternity tops seem to take advantage of the more generous cleavage of most pregnant women? It’s kind of a contradiction to be stuck with bras that mostly show up under such tops.

Don’t get me started on the constant presence of underwire when you’re strongly encouraged to avoid underwire when breastfeeding, so as to avoid mastitis. It took some searching for me to get around that one with nursing bras. It’s hard to get good support without that underwire, making things even more challenging.

And whatever you do, don’t get me started on cost of maternity clothes in general. I am so glad that I saved most of my maternity wear from past pregnancies. Saved me a lot of money I’d rather use on clothes that I can keep wearing for years.

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