Taking surveys isn’t likely to earn you much at all, but a lot of people like to give it a try. It can be good for just a little extra cash. Generally speaking, the best pay is in focus groups, rather than just answering multiple choice and short answer questions. It’s also not really a job, but it’s so strongly associated with what some people think of for working at home that I felt I should include it.

Qualifications/Training Needed?

You will often have to fill out a questionnaire to see if your demographics match what the survey company is looking for.

Job Duties

Answer questions about the topic honestly. Questions may be about things you’ve done, commercials you’ve seen, your opinion on a product, etc. Note that some companies will pay in points toward a drawing, rather than cash. You will need to sign up with a lot of companies to make much at all.

Equipment Needed

A computer and internet connection. You may also want to have an email address that you use only for surveys and a PayPal account for those that pay that way.

Where to Search for Jobs

Be prepared to not get a lot of work. Online survey taking in many ways is more of a hobby than a job, especially if you’re going for cash rather than points.

To be honest, it’s not one of my favorite work at home ideas, as most won’t pay you enough for your time, but so many people want to try it that I feel it’s worth putting the information out for those who want to try it, and to help them avoid scams.

You have to be quick to respond to survey offers, as they fill up fast with most companies.

Yahoo! User research
American Consumer Opinion
Opinion Outpost
HCD Surveys
Columbia University
Qualitative Insights
Harris Poll Online
Pinecone Research
and many others. Gets opinions from trusted sources before signing up with unfamiliar companies.

Related Scams

You should first be aware that you do not need to pay for a survey list. You can find legitimate lists for free very easily. Online survey company lists for sale aren’t so much a scam as a bad deal on the whole.

You should also understand the difference between online surveys and “get paid to” (GPT) sites. If you have to finish a bunch of tasks, which often include making online purchases or subscribing to a trial offer, in order to get paid, that’s not a survey. A survey asks questions that you need to answer. You should never have to buy anything or provide information to anyone other than the survey company. Legitimate surveys are about market research. If you have to input your credit card number, it’s not a survey.