Painting – Day 1 of 30 Days of Keeping Kids Busy During the Summer

30 Days of Keeping Kids Busy During the Summer

My kids like to paint. I think most do.

The key to kids painting without a big fuss is having a great place to do it and plenty of supplies. We have a plastic cover for the table so the kids can paint there without ruining anything. We also have a good supply of paints, including a rather nice watercolor set. The solid paint is thick enough that my kids have used it for a few years and still aren’t close to hitting bottom on it.

We also have an easel. It’s great for letting the kids paint outdoors. You have to not care about paint on the lawn, or spread out some plastic to protect the patio, but it’s not a bad way to go when the weather isn’t too hot.

Painting - 30 Days of Keeping the Kids Busy

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