30 Days of Keeping Kids Busy During the Summer Starts Tomorrow

30 Days of Keeping Kids Busy During the Summer

One of the challenging parts about working at home is dealing with the kids when they’re on summer break. It’s long, hot, and kids get bored. Not good for productivity. So tomorrow, I’m posting one quick idea each day for the month of June on keeping the kids busy, ideally with limited need for parents to be directly involved. I’m a big fan of encouraging kids to play independently. Odds are you’d always be welcome to play too, of course.

Not all suggestions will be good for all families, of course. Use your own judgement for what will work for your family. I have ideas for older and younger kids coming up.

I’m not including activities such as swimming because, obviously, those do require more of your attention. Besides, it’s an obvious choice. That said, if you can get your kids into swimming lessons, it’s a great idea. My kids start theirs June 3 in the afternoons, even before the end of the school year, just so they’ll be ready to swim this summer. They have access to a pool at their grandparents’ house, so knowing how to swim is vital for their safety.

Don’t forget the sunscreen for outdoor activities!

Day 1: Painting
Day 2: Legos, K’Nex
Day 3: Playground
Day 4: Bubbles
Day 5: Bikes, Skates, etc.
Day 6: Make Music
Day 7: Sensory Bin
Day 8: Crafts
Day 9: Fly Kites
Day 10: Play in Sprinklers
Day 11: Playdough
Day 12: Stringing Beads
Day 13: Squirt Guns
Day 14: Treasure Hunt
Day 15: Reading
Day 16: Sandbox
Day 17: Sidewalk Chalk
Day 18: Make Paper Airplanes
Day 19: Blanket Tents/Forts
Day 20: Obstacle Course
Day 21: Backyard Games
Day 22: Workbooks/Crossword Puzzles/Sudoku
Day 23: Chore Sticks
Day 24: Fairy Houses
Day 25: Write a Book
Day 26: Play Tag/Hide and Go Seek
Day 27: Picnic
Day 28: Visit Friends
Day 29: Make a Play
Day 30: Set Up a Lemonade Stand/Other Business

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