Professional Home Organizer – Weekly Home Business Idea

This business idea isn’t one for me – I’m chronically disorganized – but if you enjoy getting things organized for yourself and other people, being a professional organizer might just be a perfect fit as a home business. Organizers typically earn anywhere from $35-200 per hour.

The job can be messy, as you will be working for people who need a ton of help as well as those who just need a little. No matter how organized you are, you can’t let yourself be too shocked by the mess some people let their homes get into.

Skills Required

The most obvious skill you need is being organized yourself. A professional organizer had better keep very good track of what he or she needs to get done. No losing papers or emails in the clutter in this home business!

You’ll also need to be able to help people figure out how to organize their homes so that there’s a chance the home will remain organized. You’ll need good communication skills. You will need to know what products are really great for particular organization challenges. You need to be a problem solver.

You may also need to be somewhat handy, as you may assemble or paint shelves for your clients.

Being a good networker can also help tremendously in building your home organizer business. You can’t be afraid to ask for referrals. If you’re going to use subcontractors for installation, getting referrals from people who know someone who does good work will be a huge help.

Common Expenses

There aren’t a lot of expenses involved at the start. You will need to develop a portfolio, but you can probably find family or friends who need a little help. Take pictures and write up descriptions of the before and after, and you have a portfolio.

Of course, that means one cost is the binder in which you create your portfolio, and the cost of printing pictures. Whoever you’re organizing should be paying for whatever needs to be bought to get them organized.

Don’t just have a physical portfolio. These days it’s hard to be seen as a reputable business without a website. As I’ve said many other times on this site, domain names and hosting are quite affordable. If you aren’t technically minded, don’t worry. Most hosting companies have Fantastico, which will install WordPress for you. This software will make it relatively easy to create your portfolio in a blog format.

You will also want a digital camera to document your work so that your portfolio can continue to grow. It’s good form to ask people if you can post pictures of the work you’re doing, of course. Pictures can also help you with your planning if you need a little more time for thought.

A tape measure and the basic tools for any shelf and storage installation work that you will be doing yourself is also a good idea.

Possible Income Streams

You can be a general home organizer or focus on a specific area, such as garages or closets, which tend to need a lot of organizational help. Specializing can be very good for finding work.

Some experienced organizers also earn money as professional speakers or by hiring subcontracted organizers.

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