Wandering around the internet, I found mention of a secret shopping scam I wasn’t yet familiar with, so I thought I’d post it here.

Yout get a letter in the mail from what appears to be a legitimate secret shopping company. They claim they had spoken with you earlier about the job by phone (which you may not have actually done, although some do remember a call on this job – others do not).

The job involves going to Walmart or other place where you can send money, and sending money to Canada. Enclosed is a check for a few thousand dollars, you get to keep a couple hundred for completing the assignment, which should take two hours, they claim.

Of course, much of that time would be in writing up the service you received. This is mystery shopping after all, scam version!

Here’s where you get in trouble. You cash the check at your bank, then when it comes back fraudulent, you’re the one in trouble… ouch! You end up liable for a few thousand dollars.

If you ever get something like this, just hand it over to the police. You don’t need this kind of trouble in your life. Falling for this scam would be a very expensive and painful lesson.