Why Not Telecommute?

I found an article on Yahoo News today that few of the workers in the United States who could telecommute actually do so. It makes me wonder how many people who want to work at home aren’t taking full advantage for one reason or another.

I understand the reasons listed in the article; it’s hard to give up that time in the office. It means you’re less visible to the boss, which can make it more challenging to get the raises and promotions you deserve. You don’t get to talk with coworkers either. And so many people assume you’re goofing around at home.

Not that working at home is the piece of cake people assume it is. There are many distractions at home, whether or not children are there.

The study referred to in the article found that one quarter of all workers could do their jobs from home. That’s amazing considering that only 2 percent telecommute full time and 9 percent telecommute part time. That’s why I really wonder how many people wanting to telecommute have actually looked at their own job.

I even have resources for people who want to start telecommuting from their current job. It’s one of those things many people don’t think enough about because they don’t know others in their office who do the same.

Can telecommuting be a sacrifice in terms of your career? Yes, it can be, since as mentioned above it is harder to get your boss to notice what you are doing. You really do need to put in the extra effort to show that you work well and work hard as a telecommuter. It doesn’t HAVE to be a sacrifice if you’re willing to put in the extra effort to prove that you are just as effective, or even more so, from home as you are in the office.

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