Should Working at Home Be Your New Year’s Resolution?

It’s the start of a new year. You’ve made it through the holiday season, and maybe you’re ready to get serious about finding a way to earn money from home. You might even really need to find work, depending on how your finances are starting out this year. Does that make finding work you can do from home a great New Year’s Resolution?

new year's resolution to work at home

Well, probably about as good as any. After all, a New Year’s Resolution is only as effective as you make it. If you don’t take action, it’s just not going to work out for you.

So how do you take action?

That’s always the hardest part, no matter your resolution. You’re starting something new, and you may not be entirely certain how to get where you want to go. You especially don’t want to fall for a scam.

I’ve written before about how to search for a work at home job. If you haven’t checked it out before, and a home-based job is what you want, that’s a good place to start reading. Mostly it comes down to take your job hunt seriously, and expect it to take some time. Most people don’t find outside the home jobs right away, so don’t let it discourage you when finding a legitimate work at home job is every bit as difficult, if not more so.

What If You Want to Start a Home Based Business?

It’s really not that much easier to start a home based business. You have some advantages, especially if you already know what you want to do, but also some disadvantages. There’s no guarantee of any income at all with a business, after all, while having a job means you get paid hourly, on production or a salary, and so know better what you’ll get. You can work hard on a business and still earn little to nothing for months. There are no guarantees with a business.

On the plus side, the flexibility is huge. You decide what sort of business you want to get into, and figure out how to do it. No waiting for an employer to choose you as an employee. That said, do your due diligence on any opportunity you buy into, as well as any necessary research for any business you start independently. The better you know what you’re getting into, the better chance you have to succeed with it.

Odds are great you’ll need a website and domain name. I am very fond of HostGator, the company I host this site with. Even if your focus isn’t online, having a website is a wonderful way to get information to potential customers.

Set Your Goals

Whatever you do, don’t treat all this as a single goal. Even finding a work at home job can be treated as a series of goals which extends beyond merely succeeding in getting the job. It takes time to learn how to deal with distractions while working at home, for example. You can set productivity goals, income goals and so forth. It’s a big change if you aren’t used to it, and some people find the flexibility and lack of direct supervision challenging rather than beneficial.

You need to set even more goals if it’s a business you’re running. There are so many things you can use to measure your progress, from getting your basic business set up, to contacting potential customers, to website traffic, to marketing, income and so much more.

A variety of goals is far more motivating than a single goal, especially when it’s hard to reach. Use your various goals to measure your progress toward your goals. It’s much better to break your big goals into steps than it is to feel that you’ll never reach that big goal because you can’t see the progress you’ve made. It also helps you to think through the steps you need to take in order to reach your goals.

Whatever you do, don’t feel that you have to compare yourself to others. Your circumstances are never the same, even if you start at the same time. You each have different abilities and have probably taken different paths toward your goals, even if they’re the essentially the same. Go ahead and talk to others about what you’d like to achieve, but don’t feel as though you should be doing just as well as someone else all the time.

Overall, any time you’re motivated to do the work it takes to earn money from home is a great time to get started. Prepare to work and see where it takes you!

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