Stretch Out While You Work

Just feeling a little musical today… think “Whistle While You Work.”

stretch out while you workJust stretch out while you work!
And carefully we can make our muscles feel great.
Just take a little break! (humming)
It won’t take long to stretch out a couple little aches.
Start out with your back,
Or whichever muscle’s sore,
Then move along to more,
You’ll find the break can help you do more.
Back to work
And remember later
To stretch out while you work.

Seriously, it’s a good idea to take a break and stretch out during your work day. It helps a lot. Gets your mind off your work for a little while so you can focus better after. Helps you to feel better too. I’ve had some aches develop over time, but remembering to deliberately stretch at various times throughout the day really helps.

If you aren’t sure what kinds of stretches are good, here are some videos to help you get started.

And if your wrists are starting to give you trouble, a common thing when you work on the computer a lot, you may like these carpal tunnel exercises. My wrists have been getting to me some, but these exercises have been wonderful for them!

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