Are Your Tech Skills Interfering with Your Online Business?

When you have an online business, you need to be at least somewhat comfortable with computers and the internet. If you aren’t you’re going to spend more time struggling with things than maybe you should. But sometimes those skills get in the way of running your business.

What Goes Wrong?

A big part of the problem is that many people who are good with technology enjoy it too much. Knowing how to design websites, for example, can lead to spending too much time designing a beautiful website, rather than adding in content and marketing your site.

You can also get stuck on adding cool little interactive features. While these can make your sites more interesting to visitors, they may not be the right things to add before your site is online and bringing in the early visitors. Adding features later on can help to bring people back.

What Can You Do?

No matter how good you are with the technology, you need to think first about what will appeal to visitors to your site. An attractive site is nice, interactivity has a lot of benefits, but what comes first is the needs of the visitors.

For most online businesses, that means you do not need to get all that fancy. That’s not what makes sales in most cases.

What makes sales is knowing what the customer wants, and making it available. Don’t add something in just because you think it’s neat. Add it in because it will benefit your customers and help you to earn more money.

Remember the Importance of the Non-Technical Side

Even when your audience is fairly tech savvy, there’s a lot of non-technical parts to running a successful online business.

You usually need to be a good writer, or at least know how to hire one. Those sales pages won’t write themselves. Neither will your articles or any other content you want to put on your sites.

You need to market your business. While there are many cool tools to help you do your marketing more efficiently, you must understand the process if you’re going to be successful in using the tools. Otherwise they’re a faster way of wasting your efforts.

Use Your Skills Wisely

There are a lot of advantages to being comfortable with technology when you want to grow your business. They can make you more comfortable with experimenting with newer kinds of marketing, giving you a step up on those who stick with older methods.

You might be more comfortable than average in making podcasts or videos, for example. These can be great for bringing in more people to your business.

You might be quicker to discover a hot new social networking site. So many of the early adopters of Twitter and other such sites were able to bring in business from them before other marketers knew they were there.

These things are advantages if you use them wisely. You won’t always guess correctly which move is the right one to make, but then none of us can do that. Keep working and remember that the tech side isn’t the only important thing in your home business.

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  1. Selina says:

    I’m stuck with my blog atm and im thinking of changing everything because it doesnt have a “buy” appeal. But im afraid if i make a simple template and remove all my posts and just make it looks like a catalog that i will lose my positions in google search i worked so far to get. Having that dilemma for two weeks now, and still thinking what to do.