Trying to Get Fit Postpartum While Working at Home

I’m not exactly what one would call a fitness buff or utterly crazed about fitting into a particular size. If I don’t get back into my pre-third-pregnancy clothes, so be it. I never did make it back into my pre-first-pregnancy clothes. Something about a change in hip size, a rather common issue, I believe.

Well that, and an extra 10 pounds at that point. More than that after this baby.

I really don’t stress much about my weight, though. I don’t even own a scale. If you want to quit obsessing about weight, keeping scales out of the house really helps. It makes it hard to obsess over a number you can only rarely see.

Having low energy because I’m out of shape, on the other hand, drives me nuts.

I’ve started trying to remember to exercise a bit more every day. I’ve always walked daily to my daughter’s school to pick her up, but a half mile total really only does so much for fitness.

Fortunately, babies make really cute exercise equipment.

I’ve always thought that one of the best things about postpartum exercise is that you can use the baby as a steadily increasing weight. Selene’s at the point now where she laughs just a little as I work out with her, which is motivation not only to work out but to take a break while working at home. 3 months old is a really cute age.

I can’t hold her for every exercise, of course. But when it works, it works.

Besides, she did this to me. Surely she should help me get fit again, right? 😛

The worst for me has to be stomach muscles. It’s not just the 3 pregnancies. It’s the dratted two C-sections that I think really pulled a number on them. Everyone I’ve ever talked to about it says C-sections just make it that much worse. I can believe it.

I know I’m not doing badly. At the Mother’s Day picnic I heard a relative commenting on how thin I am for having had a third baby. She also noted that I’d always been thin, which is certainly true enough. Not thin like models are supposed to be (yuck!), but thin for regular people.

That kind of thing is why I do my best to keep this about being in decent shape, rather than worrying about the numbers. It’s better for me and I don’t doubt a better example in the long run for my kids, especially my daughters.

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  1. “It’s better for me and I don’t doubt a better example in the long run for my kids, especially my daughters.” Yes, yes, YES! You are doing great. And I totally agree about getting rid of the scales.