What Do You Do If Black Friday Marks the Slow Season for Your Online Business?

Not every business picks up as Christmas and other winter holidays approach. Some slow down. What do you do if that’s your business, but you really need the money to keep coming in? This is especially a problem for freelancers, as many clients send out less work as the holidays approach, as they’re busy with the holiday season.

1. Brush up your skills.

Less activity in your business means you have time to work on your skills. Think of something you’d like to do better, and make it happen. This won’t earn money immediately, but could pay off in the long run.

2. Get ready for tax season.

You know it’s going to have to be done some time, what better time to start getting your paperwork in order for when you need to figure out your taxes than when you don’t have customers or clients to care for? Get things organized now, and it will be much easier to figure things out or get them to your accountant later. Remember, if you’re sending in estimated tax payments, there’s one due on January 15. For those of us in the U.S., anyhow.

3. Consider new income streams.

This one may be very important if things dry up badly for you around holidays. Can you come up with something to do during the holidays to bring your income back up?

You may also come up with income streams that relate to what you’re doing already. Are there other services or products you can offer clients and customers? It doesn’t have to be your own product or service, it just has to be relevant to your customers’ needs, and you have to earn something from it, whether it’s a direct payment to you or a commission through an affiliate program.

4. Offer holiday specials.

If business isn’t coming to you the way you’d like it to, encourage it a little more. Make special offers for the holidays so that clients and customers are more motivated to make a purchase.

5. Review your goals.

Many people make goals for the new year. It’s getting close, so why not get a head start? You can have a plan ready before New Year’s Eve rolls around.

6. Take a break.

It’s the holiday season. You may be stressed if you aren’t earning what you’re used to or what you’d like, but are you taking some time to enjoy the holidays yourself? Especially if you have little else going on with your business, why not?

7. Pray for January to come.

When you’ve done everything else you feel you can, and things are still going slow, it’s time to start praying or wishing that January will come. It won’t make it any sooner, but it can be on your mind.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these useful tips. I believe that in business, you will experience many ups and downs, and you will experience different levels of difficulties.