I’ve been running my home business on my own from the beginning. It suits my style. But one thing I can’t deny is that one of these days it would really help me to get a virtual assistant.

Only reason I resist is because I’m not ready to spend the money on one yet. I know quite well that a good virtual assistant would be well worth the money, but it’s still hard to spend.

A Good Virtual Assistant Saves Time

One of the challenges of hiring a virtual assistant, of course, is teaching them what you need done. The right one will have the skills needed, so it’s really just a matter of training them on the specific details.

Once that’s done, you decide how often you need the job done and make sure it’s being done to your satisfaction.

A Good Virtual Assistant is Worth the Money

Despite my grousing about spending on help, a good virtual assistant gives you more chances to earn money from home. Paying someone to do all the little things that they can do faster than you so that you can focus on your money making activities is not a bad deal.

You can set the amount you are willing to spend with a VA. They typically charge by the hour, and you decide how many hours you need. The virtual assistant can of course tell you as time goes by if you really need to think about buying more time. A job only halfway done isn’t satisfying for anyone.

And it certainly helps that they aren’t your employee. You aren’t paying their benefits. Just like you, they’re probably a home business owner.

Now, a good VA won’t necessarily be cheap. Someone charging $15 an hour may not be as good a deal as someone charging $30 an hour. Lower rates often translate to either inexperience or rushed work. There’s a time and a place for going with the low bidder. Running a successful business generally isn’t it. You’re better off with the person who does the job well.