As many families continue to struggle financially, more and more stay at home moms are having to get serious about earning some money. For most, it seems as though everywhere you look are scams. Where are the stay at home mom jobs that are not scams?

They too are all around. They surround you. They’re just hard to see through the haze of work at home scams.

Just because they’re all around doesn’t mean it’s easy to get a stay at home job or to earn any sort of decent income from home. It’s difficult for most people. It’s a lot of work added onto a busy lifestyle.

Want a stay at home job that doesn’t involve getting scammed? The simplest way to do that is to go into business for yourself. And it’s really not that simple.

Offering your skills as a freelancer takes some work, but it’s something many of us can do, and doesn’t involve paying someone for the business opportunity. It does involve risk. You don’t know when you’ll get your first jobs. You don’t know how good a particular client will be about paying you. You have to check with your city hall to see about home business licensing and business name requirements. You have to set up bank accounts.

All that is still usually faster than landing a job working for one of the usual stay at home jobs. Get good at it, and it’s more profitable as well.

You might be amazed at how many opportunities there are for freelancers. You can do freelance bookkeeping, writing, programming, marketing, website designing, graphic design, be a virtual assistant, just look at your skill set and figure out a way to offer your services to local businesses or to businesses online.

There are plenty of traps to fall into as you get started, however. The most common is to set too low a price for your services. That may not get you more clients. That may get you clients who are looking for cheap but still want everything they’d get for a higher price. It’s better to set your prices based on what you need to earn for your efforts.

The other traps are when you do look at your stay at home work options. You don’t want to fall for the scams. Be careful any time you spend money on something and any time you share your personal information. Do your research first, make sure you’re signing up for something legitimate and that you want to do, then sign up. It’s not going to do you any good to sign up for random things and never get anything done, even if you avoid the scams.

There are other sorts of home based work you can do, of course. There’s daycare if you don’t mind taking care of a lot of kids and have the room to do it. Take a good look at licensing requirements in your area if that’s what you want to do. Be prepared for long hours. It’s very much not for everyone, but if you love kids and don’t mind the hours, it could be the way to go.

The thing to remember is that the lists of employers who hire people to work from home is only a small part of the story. If you want a stay at home job, you’re better off taking it to the next level. Make your own opportunities. You might fail, you might succeed, but you’ll learn more than if you never tried at all.