Why Do You NEED to Work at Home?

I often have people contacting me saying they need to work at home. It’s an absolute must. I hate to say it, but most of us don’t NEED to work at home. We want to, we prefer to, but need… that happens less often. And if you really need an income coming in for your family, you have to consider working outside the home as an option.

When Is Working at Home a Need?

Do you need to work at home?There are certainly times that working at home is your only realistic option. You may have kids or a family member to care for, and the only outside the home jobs you can find aren’t worth the added care expenses, plus commuting costs, etc. Then, yeah, you probably need to work at home. Maybe your physical needs are such that working at home is a better option than working outside of it. Then it’s pretty fair to say you need it too.

It’s ugly, but sometimes even when you need to work at home, you can get stuck working outside the home for a time, with the costs adding up. Some work is better than no work in most cases.

When Is Working at Home Not a Need?

Most often, working at home is a want. You want to be home with your kids but you need an income. If you can find outside the home work that pays well enough or has hours where your spouse or significant other can trade off care responsibilities, working at home isn’t so much a need as a want. It’s grand if you can get it, but if you need money coming in to keep a roof over your head and food on the table, that’s more of a priority than finding home based employment. Keep looking for that at home job if that’s what you’re really after, but get the money you need to keep your family afloat coming in first.

It’s not like you can’t look at work at home jobs or try out a home business while holding down another job, after all. Harder, yes. Possibly even miserable, depending on how you feel about your job. Do what you have to do to keep things going.

If your desire to work at home stems more from want than need, there’s nothing wrong with that. Go for it if you can get it. My choice to work at home very much so comes from want, not need. We need my income, and I’m fortunate enough that I can make enough of one from home, although some months go way better than others.

What concerns me is when people get desperate to work from home, as if it’s their only option, and it really isn’t. They let desperation drive them to fall for work at home scams, rather than taking the time to do their due diligence.

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1 Response

  1. Tanya says:

    For me its a need. Day Care is so expensive plus before my husband and I even had kids we agreed that when we did WE were going to be the ones to raise them not some babysitter or day care. I am so glad that I get the best of both worlds of working a little from home and raising children. I agree though if we were struggling for money I would more than will take on a night job and work while the kiddos were sleeping or when my husband was home from work.