One of the big things that slips for a lot of work at home moms is that perfectly clean house. You know, the one all stay at home moms are supposed to maintain.

Even for a stay at home mom, keeping a perfect house is one heck of a lot of work. Any time the kids are at home you can count on new messes being made. It’s not easy keeping up with the messes, and the kids can only help as well as is appropriate for their ages. Often that means they make more messes than they can clean well.

But it gets worse when you add a work at home job into the stay at home mix. Suddenly there’s something more demanding hours of your time. Depending on exactly what you do you can’t always limit things to just when the kids are asleep… especially if you want time with your husband. It’s a tough mix.

Working at home is serious, even though many people think it is little more than a hobby. I speak from experience in this area, as it took literally years to get my inlaws to understand that first my job as an at home medical transcriptionist was a real job, and then that my home business did indeed bring in real money.

The balance between work, family and a clean house is tough, and the perfectly clean house often ends up at the bottom of the list. After all, the kids won’t stay young forever, and your family needs the money you bring in from working. Anything more than a clean enough house can be tough to maintain.

I find my best balance by doing some basic housework each day, but having a regular deep cleaning day. I get much less business done that day, but it feels good to get a cleaner home out of it.

For every work at home mom it’s going to be different. Some find it works best for them to dedicate a certain time every day to clean, or maybe a few shorter spurts of cleaning every day. Others spread it out more.

When your children are young is the time to enjoy them. Leave perfection for later. You need to be there for them, and there for your job or business. You don’t have to feel guilty about not having a clean home when you don’t have enough time due to being a good parent. And if working at home is what it takes to be there for the kids, that’s a good priority too.

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