Time Scheduling Help

One way to keep your days a little more organized is to keep a written schedule. The exact form this should take depends on what you think will work for you. There’s no point in taking all the time to write up your schedule if you aren’t going to pay any attention to it. A wall calendar, day planner or even a dry erase board can work, depending on how you use it.

Start out by writing in all your current obligations. This includes doctor’s appointments, children’s activities, home business or job obligations and so forth. Write these out for however far out you have them Make sure you include the time for each and how long you expect it to take.

Now take a look at how you would like your day to go. You can make a general schedule for the things you do every day, but make sure you adjust it for the things you only do some days.

When you have kids, make sure you include them in your time scheduling. You need to have time enough that you aren’t rushing them everywhere they need to be. You should also include enough flexibility to be a little spontaneous with your kids. Who wants to say “no” to playing with their kids just because their schedule says it’s time to clean the cat box?

Make your calendar out loosely or strict, depending on your own personal style. Some people like to plan it all out, down to the time they spend on each kind of housework, while others would rather just list the kinds of housework they need to get done each day, and let it take the time it needs.

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