Life has been interesting during this pregnancy for me. It’s rather draining for one thing. Adding in some rather severe hip pain due to the way things are loosening up in preparation for childbirth doesn’t help. Neither does the sweet clinginess of my 3 year old son.

Not that I really like to complain about that last. Despite having an older sister as well, my son seems quite well aware that a baby means big changes in his life. His recent need for my constant presence has emphasized that quite nicely.

This period has been one of the most challenging for me to get work done. Pregnancy is tiring, and it is so important to get enough rest. I joke with my husband that there’s only one plus to all the hip pain – it ensures that I don’t go overboard nesting. I HAVE to take breaks regularly or I will hardly be able to move.

And no, Tylenol doesn’t help. I wish it did.

There’s a lot that I hope to get done before I have this baby. I’d like to have a backlog of blog posts ready to go, for example. I may not be able to describe in advance how things went in the hospital, but I can certainly blog about more of the regular work at home and stay at home parenting issues I’m already familiar with.

Add in the usual blog posts I do just to keep things running around here.

Add in my preference for article marketing. This is the one I’ve been letting slide, as it’s least visible directly on my site.

I do have some plans. First of all, if anyone reading this wants to submit a guest post for this blog, the contact form link is on the left hand menu. I won’t be using anything until probably January or February, but anyone who wants to start talking with me now, feel free.

I also need to go through my private label article stash. Some may work adequately as blog posts with only minor rewriting. Others won’t be something I’d want to post but may suffice as a sort of research for a better article that I can write on my own, taking less time than doing the research would otherwise. I always check claims in private label articles, as the lowest quality ones I ever tried had a bunch of flat out falsehoods. Other companies make ones that are good enough to use flat out, but I prefer to add my own voice in anyhow.

Coping with my son’s needs can be far more challenging. I can’t keep count of how many times a day he asks for a snuggle… which inevitably turns into a game of Tickle Spiders. Well, almost inevitably. Once in a while he really is just cuddly.

But then there’s the backtrack on potty training. This has been a battle for a few months now. It started in large part because we had so many changes for him to deal with at once, the pregnancy, the start of my husband’s job, my daughter going back to school.

Yeah, this has been going on for a few months. Getting him trained for #1 wasn’t so bad, but #2…

Well I think if I gave you any details it would be TMI. Suffice it to say it’s been rough and there’s been a lot of extra laundry going on. Thank goodness he’s finally calming down about the whole deal and being willing to at least try.

It’s been a balancing act, indulging his need for reassurance and my need to work. Not to mention helping him to understand that baby will take some of Mommy’s time and at times he will have to deal with it. He likes talking about the ways he can help out, though, and the reassurance that Mommy can snuggle him and the baby at the same time if he’s careful.

Looking back I realize how much easier I had it during past pregnancies. I worked at home during both, but things were simpler. No other kids during my first, of course. I wasn’t pushing my business so hard during my second, and my daughter has always been a more independent child than my son. Good thing too, considering how much extra care he needed after being born!

Now I have a daughter in first grade, a son in speech therapy 3 days a week, and when I can manage it a fairly demanding work schedule. Thank goodness that last bit is up to me and I can drop things as I choose!