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The medical transcription field has changed over the past several years. It used to be that a medical transcriptionist would have to own a transcription machine and drive to pick up tapes and drop off the transcribed reports. Today it is not at all uncommon for a medical transcriptionist to get work downloaded through the internet and return the reports the same way.

This has changed the equipment needed. A foot pedal is still generally considered a necessity, but it’s attached to your computer rather than a bulky transcription machine.

The exact equipment you need will depend on whether you work for yourself or for a transcription company, and what the particular requirements are. If you are finding your own clients you will need to determine how they will get the dictation to you and how you will get the reports back to them.

If you’re working for a company, they will tell you the equipment needed. These days it is often a foot pedal, which the company might provide for you or tell you how to get your own.

Do not buy a foot pedal before you know what kind is compatible with the programs you will be using. There are a couple of foot pedals available on Amazon, as well as eBay, and you can compare these prices with those offered by your employer if your employer expects you to provide your own foot pedal. If you're buying used, be sure that the quality is still good.

You will also need headphones. A good headphone makes it easier to transcribe, and keeps the dictation private as it should be. This is a case where I really do not recommend using your computer’s speakers. Just about any headset that works with your computer will do; this need not cost a fortune. However, some people do enjoy noise cancelling headphones, as these make it easier to work with other people around you. Once again, you can find them at Amazon and eBay fairly easily.

These days that's about all you need in terms of equipment, aside from the computer and monitor you already have.

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