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My choice for relatively affordable and reputable medical transcription training.

Medical Transcription Basics
Free eCourse on being a medical transcriptionist.

Medical transcription is a very popular work at home job. In fact, it was my own first work at home job. However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to get into.

Medical transcription is hard work. Some doctors do not speak clearly at all, while others have heavy accents. However, as you work on a given account you learn to deal with how each doctor talks. Some doctor’s dictation will always be challenging, however.

Why choose to work at home in medical transcription?

Medical transcription often offers a very flexible job. Not always; it depends on whether you find your own accounts or work for a service, and what is required of you. But in most cases if you work best late at night, early in the morning or in the middle of the day, you can choose to do it that way.

You cannot just apply to a company and expect to get hired as a medical transcriptionist. This is one field that requires training. I’ll be going over the options on other pages, but expect training to take at least 6 or more months; sometimes up to 18 months.

I am often asked which online schools I recommend. I’ll cover the top 3 on other pages, but of those three I most often recommend CareerStep’s program for the simple reason that it is the most affordable of the reputable medical transcription schools. I know that some employers hire their graduates.

Learn about getting into medical transcription

What Skills Do You Need Before Even Starting Your Medical Transcription Training?
Some skills you need to have even before starting a medical transcription training programs. Some schools won't admit you until your basic skills meet their criteria.

Medical Transcription Training Options
You have a few choices on how you get trained as a medical transcriptionist. Choosing the right method of study can help you to land your first medical transcription job at home.

Training Options

Online Medical Transcription Courses
Online programs are my top recommendation for learning medical transcription. There are three programs that are consistently considered to be the top programs and that have a solid reputation with many employers.

College Programs, Community Colleges and Vocational Schools
You can find quality medical transcription training in some areas. This is good if you would prefer to attend classes in person more so than online.

Taking a Risk and Training Yourself as a Medical Transcriptionist
I don't recommend this method, even though it's the one I used when I started. Things have changed since then, and this doesn't work so well for breaking into medical transcription.

Medical Transcription Equipment
Your employer may or may not provide equipment for you. Fortunately, these days the equipment required takes up less space than it used to.

Medical Transcription Software
You need more than just a word processor if you want to be a great medical transcriptionist. The right software can improve your productivity and help you be more accurate.

Books You'll Need as a Medical Transcriptionist
Medical transcriptionists need a lot of reference material. There's a lot to know and reports can get into some very unusual or obscure terminology.

Landing that First Job as a Medical Transcriptionist
Most companies want at least 2-3 years' experience before they'll hire you to work at home as a medical transcriptionist. So how do you get that experience?

Working at Home as a Medical Transcriptionist with Children in the House
One of the reasons many people choose to start a career in medical transcription is so that they can stay at home with their children. However, having children around makes it difficult to be productive.

Will Medical Transcription Continue as a Viable Work at Home Job?
With the availability of voice recognition software, some transcriptionists worry that their job is on the line. An opinion on how much of a risk this appears to be at present.

Working at Home in Medical Transcription
What is it really like working at home as a medical transcriptionist? A look at my work routine when I was a transcriptionist.

What a Start as a Medical Transcriptionist!
It's a good thing most people have an easier time getting their medical transcription career started after being hired than I did. Here's what happens when all kinds of obstacles keep you from starting after you get hired.

Medical Transcription Useful Links
A few of the links I found useful when working as a medical transcriptionist.

Medical Transcription Employers
My list of companies that hire medical transcriptionists. Most do require experience, of course, but some will accept quality training instead.


Medical Transcription Basics

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