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There are some skills you should have developed even before you start checking out medical transcription programs. These skills are vital to your success as a medical transcriptionist, and most training programs really don’t have the time to teach them.

Your grammar skills must be excellent. Even though you’re typing exactly what the doctor says, your grammar must be nearly perfect. Little mistakes such as your versus you’re are bad enough, but some grammatical errors can change the meaning of a sentence. Even a misplaced comma can be serious.

Your spelling skills must be excellent as well. You’re going to be adding a huge vocabulary to what you already know, and if you understand how words tend to be spelled you can pick them up more quickly. You cannot just trust to spell check, which is sometimes wrong.

You must have the ability to pick up new vocabulary quickly. New medications come out all the time, you might start transcribing in a new specialty... there are good reasons for needing to pick up new vocabulary quickly.

Your typing skills must be excellent. You should be typing at least 45 words per minute before you start training. This is a recommendation some courses require, not a number I’m pulling out of thin air. Your transcription speed is slower than your regular typing speed in most cases, so you want to start out with a good typing speed. You must also be highly accurate.

If you aren’t confident in these skills make sure you take the time to learn them before you start your training. You want to make the most of your time spent training to be a medical transcriptionist, rather than wasting it on the basic skills you should have already had.

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