10 Perks of Working at Home

Being home with your kids isn’t the only good thing about working at home. It’s certainly a benefit when you’re a parent… provided you can actually work with the kids around, which is not always easy or smart. But there are a lot of other perks you get from working at home that you may not have considered as much.

1. No commute.

Losing the drive to work is wonderful. There are some primarily work at home jobs out there where you may have to drive in to the office sometimes or to see a client, but for the most part, you don’t have to drive anywhere to get to work. Potentially, that’s a huge time savings.

2. Use less gas.

With the way gas prices keep going up, this is a personal favorite. So long as you don’t take the excuses to drive all around town, working at home uses a lot less gas for most people… once again, unless you have to meet with clients a lot away from your home.

3. More time.

Cutting that commute means you have more time. For what depends on you. You might work more, or you might have more family time. Use that time wisely.

4. Less stress.

Commuting is often stressful. So much traffic. There aren’t many people who enjoy their commute.

5. Easier to eat healthy.

This one is all up to you, but it can be much easier to eat healthy when you work at home. There’s less excuse to grab lunch out, and what’s in the fridge is under your control.

6. More flexibility in your wardrobe.

This one is up to you. Some people who work at home prefer to dress just as they would if they were going to the office. Others do just fine dressing casually or yes, working in their pajamas. The benefit here is that you choose the clothing that makes being productive easier for you, rather than abiding by the company dress code.

Of course, if you’re meeting someone face to face or by webcam, dress appropriately.

7. More flexibility.

Most work at home jobs give you more flexibility to get things done. That makes it easier to run quick errands or get the kids from school if you need to. That’s especially handy if one of the kids gets sick at school. Regular outside the home job, you’d be done for the day. Work at home job, you can get the kid and then decide if you can keep working.

Some do require a schedule and strict adherence, but even then you can usually pick a schedule that suits you.

8. No coworkers to distract you.

You won’t have any coworkers stopping by your desk to chat when you work at home. On the other hand, there are other distractions, just waiting for you to give in. And they’re always there.

9. Environmentally friendly.

Sure, you’ll use more electricity around your house, but you also use less gas, which tilts the environmental considerations in your favor when you work at home.

10. More productivity.

Most people are more productive when they work at home, distractions or no.