I’m tired today. My son’s going through one of those ‘get up between 4 and 5 am’ phases, and I am most decidedly not an early bird myself. Closer to night owl, but since I do have to be up in the mornings with my kids I don’t indulge that as much as I would like.

But, you know, that’s one of the great things about working at home. I don’t have to drive tired to work, and if I really, really need to, a nap is not entirely out of the question. I’m pretty hard on myself, and naps are quite rare, but if they’re needed I can do it.

working at home

But there are many more wonderful things about working at home, especially for myself and online.

  1. Setting my own hours.
    I have one kid at school and the other is currently keeping himself entertained. But once that stops I can stop working and not have a boss telling me to get back to work!
  2. I decide what to work on.
    Some days that’s really hard, because there will be many things I think I ought to be working on, but it also allows for some whimsy. Of course, there are still priorities and sometimes I do things because they need to get done, not because they’re the precise thing I’m interested in working on at that moment.
  3. Setting one heck of an example for my kids.
    My daughter is definitely getting the idea that she can do whatever she dreams of. For the longest time she assumed she would be a mommy, but she thought that a part of a mommy’s job was to work on the computer. Now she’s decided that she can have the career and her husband can stay at home. It’s fun to watch.
  4. I can be as creative as I want.
    Some days that’s almost torture because I’ll have too many ideas and too little time. I have so many ideas I’ve just never had the time to implement.
  5. Knowing I’m doing good work.
    Sometimes it’s easy to feel like nothing has come of my work, but other times I can see near immediate results. It’s a great feeling.
  6. No worry the boss won’t give me a holiday off.
    While it’s rare that I take a day completely off, for holidays and other times I may do as little as check blogs for comments, check the forum, and my email. Less than a half hour, and I’m free for the day most times. And if I really want the whole day off, I can do that too.
  7. I can work when I’m sick.
    Or not, depending on how sick I feel. No guilt about getting coworkers sick, and my family would be seeing me anyhow.
  8. I can work my best working hours.
    I’m more night owl than morning person, so that’s when I work. If I can’t focus, what’s the point of working?
  9. I am almost completely spoiled for regular jobs.
    And I love it. While I could work for someone else if I had to, and do a good job, my heart is in my business. I like it that way.
  10. Being able to provide for my family.
    I do pretty decently from home. Currently not quite at my husband’s level of income, although at times I have exceeded his. That I can do this while being there when they need me is just amazing.

I could probably go on and on, but 10 reasons are plenty.

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