Are Your Home Business Goals Actions or Results?

I believe that goals are important to the long term success of any home business. How can you get somewhere if you don’t know where you’re going. And so it’s common to say your goal is to make a certain amount of money a month or get so many leads.

Those are nice goals, but how are you going to reach them? It’s important to have actionable goals as well as goals relating to the results of those actions.

What Are Actionable Goals?

An actionable goal is one that requires action, such as writing a certain number of articles a day/week, submitting a guest post to certain sites, blog commenting, contacting leads and so forth. They’re the actions you take to reach the results you’re after.

Earning $5000 a month is not an actionable goal. It’s a lovely goal, but your earnings are a result of actions you took earlier.

Why Actionable Goals?

If there’s one thing true of all businesses, it’s that there’s a certain degree of uncertainty. You don’t know exactly how much you’re going to earn each month or if your business will be successful when you first start it. All the goals you have relating to your success mean little without action.

Your actionable goals are things you can control. You can control how productive you are. You can control whether or not you hire help and what you expect of them.

You can’t perfectly control the results of your actions. You can write articles you hope will go viral, and they’ll sit there no matter how you try the initial promotion. You can have a goal of contacting a dozen leads a day, but you won’t know for certain how many will take you up on your offers.

So long as you’re taking action, however, you’re improving your chances of success.

Pay Attention to the Results of Your Actions

If you don’t pay attention to the results your actions get you, you don’t know what’s helping your home business succeed. If your blog posts aren’t getting any attention, why isn’t that happening? If leads are saying no to your every offer, how can you improve how you get the leads or how you present to them?

Blind action, with no attention to the success of that action, isn’t going to help you a whole lot. It relies too much on hope and not enough on information.

Keep some track of the benefits you get from the actions you take to grow your home business. This isn’t always easy to do. Link building, for example, does not always provide results you can clearly define. You can track when you got a particular link and perhaps whether or not it brings in traffic. Figuring how much benefit it’s bringing in your search engine optimization efforts is more difficult, although you can check to see if the page with your link has been indexed recently enough to include your link.

Traffic to particular blog posts is more easily tracked. You can use a good analytics program to see if that page is getting visitors. If you use tracking codes for any sales links on your pages, you may be able to tell which pages are generating sales for you. This helps you to figure out which pages are bringing in the most profitable traffic, information you may be able to use elsewhere.

It takes time to figure out which actions are most worth your time. Setting goals and working hard to meet them can help you to stay more focused on goals you can achieve and help you to grow your home business.

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