How Much Should You Focus on Making Money From Home?

When it comes to running a successful online business from your home, the money you earn is one of the big ways you decide if you’re on the right track. A lack of earnings means things aren’t going as well as they could be, so you might decide to focus even harder on bringing money in. Is that really where your focus should always be?

That depends. Are you looking for quick results or a long term business strategy?

I’ve always preferred to consider the long term with my business. That means this site, as well as my others, don’t earn as much as they could, compared to what would happen if I focused more on bringing money in. Instead, I have a business I can trust to keep going over the long term.

Here’s an example of short term thinking. You buy some cheap private label articles, drop them onto your site and add some AdSense and/or affiliate links and wait for the traffic to come in.

It sounds nice and easy, and may bring in a few dollars over time. The problem is that cheap PLR is rarely well written, and you probably aren’t the only site posting that article, which usually leads to lower search engine rankings. Quick and easy in the short term, and maybe you made some money, but not so good for the long term.

If you’re so desperate for money that you need something that will pay you quickly, you’re probably better off getting a job. It’s not fun if you have a goal of working for yourself, but sometimes working for someone else is a necessary step. Admittedly, finding a job isn’t always easy, especially in the current economy, but it’s usually easier than making a successful home business. Just think about it.

A longer term strategy is to make a site that will be interesting to visitors for a long time, especially if you can create a loyal readership. Write unique articles for it, with solid information for the niche. You can use a bit of PLR as a base, but make sure you rewrite it and maybe add some extra information to improve it. It’s more work, but it’s your own.

There’s absolutely a balance to be maintained. You need money fast, that’s just the way it is, and you have to do the things that are faster, even if they’re no good for your business long term. So long as they aren’t going to come back to bite you later, that’s not a completely bad choice. Don’t expect it to be in the thousands of dollars that quickly, but if it’s enough to keep you going, that’s good enough. Get that fast money, just don’t forget to work on your long term goals next.

Always remember that the big key to long term success is hard work. Shortcuts aren’t going to get you there. There’s no magic button to change that simple fact.

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