For many moms, the television is a big help, starting when their kids are very young. The Baby Einstein and similar DVDs keep young children occupied while mom tries to get things done around the house, or just a few moments of peace and quiet.


There’s been plenty of controversy on this topic. Some say it’s related to Attention Deficit Disorder and the like. It’s a topic I really recommend parents consider.

Both of my kids do watch television. In fact, we were given my sister’s spare TiVo as a Christmas present. That’s been a lot of fun as we can program it up for the shows my kids like to watch, and they can watch them when we want them to have the TV on. It also helps with letting us watch our shows at our leisure, but that’s not today’s topic.

My own feeling is that it is not a bad thing in moderation. My kids watch television, but they also spend a lot of time playing outside when the weather permits (and they love playing in the rain!), and playing creatively with their toys. We have plenty of ‘TV off time’.

I also was never that much into the Baby Einstein thing. We have some of their videos, and in terms of style, I liked Baby Genius much better. Still didn’t show them that much.

Some videos I have seen definitely educational value from, such as the Leap Frog Letter Factory video. Their others aren’t bad, but both of my kids picked their alphabet up almost effortly from that video. My son, who is in speech therapy because he struggles with speaking, knows his alphabet and all the letter sounds. He’s not even 3 yet. My daughter was doing that by 2. It’s just a delight to me.

It’s just like anything else, really. Some can be good. Too much does harm.

How much do you let your kids watch television?